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Rug Hooking

Beginning and Intermediate Rug Hooking

This course may either introduce the student to the fiber art of traditional rug hooking or allow for the student familiar with rug hooking to continue study. Information regarding the techniques and materials used to make hand-hooked rugs, and different styles of rugs and motifs, such as pictorials, will be shown and discussed. Variations in which current rug hookers have taken this art - from traditional rugs to pins, ornaments, pillows and purses - will also be discussed. Beginning students will receive a kit complete with a pattern on backing, wool and a hook. Kits may be purchased in class. Intermediate level students may select to begin hooking a new rug during class or may choose to continue to hook a rug already started. At the time of registration, you may ask for the instructor to mail you copies of the kit pattern or you may ask the instructor to contact you to help select a new pattern to hook. It is recommended that all pattern selection occur prior to the start of class. Students may use their own frame hoop or may purchase or borrow one from the instructor. Please feel free to contact the instructor via email at rughooking@comcast.net.

Instructor: Tassey Mariani
Associate Tuition: $120
Non-associate Tuition: $130
Materials: $40 for kits, payable to instructor; If hooking a non-kit pattern the materials fee will vary depending on the pattern selected to be purchased and wool required.
Number of Sessions: 5
Day & Date: Sun, 10/7, 10/14, 10/28, 11/4 and 11/18
Time: 2 pm - 4:30 pm
Code: SW6700F
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Introduction to Proddy and Sculptured Rug Hooking

Interested in a twist on traditional rug hooking? Learn how to create more three-dimensional rugs that either have a long, shaggy pile or a sculpted, raised appearance. The two techniques that will be taught in this workshop to create such rugs are known as proddy and hoved hooking. Students in this workshop will both prod and sculpt a very simple design. When prodding students will use the unique spring hook to pull strips of wool that are much wider in cut and shorter in length than wool strips generally used in traditional hooking. For the sculpted portion of the rug, students will learn how to pull, cut and then shape wool strips to create a three-dimensional sculpted shape. Class materials consist of a kit with a pattern drawn on backing and wool strips. Proddy hooks or spring tools will be provided for class use and may be purchased at class time.

Instructor: Tassey Mariani
Kit Fee: $32 payable to the instructor
Associate Tuition: $40
Non-Associate Tuition: $45
Number of Sessions: 1
Day & Date: Saturday, 11/17
Time: 1:30 - 5 pm
Code: SW6701F

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