Going Through The North to Sc

Going From North to South Carolina

If you are considering a move from up North to Columbia, South Carolina there are a few modifications you will come across. We’ve a Southern environment and then we dress the weather.
if you have snow, there’s no school! The whole city shuts down whenever any snow flurries hit the surface. The cause of this really is quick, Columbia doesn’t have any systems positioned for snow and ice or all the accidents that can occur as a result. So, not only do we not have to shovel snowfall, when it snows we do not work or visit college!
Hot, Hot, Hot Summers! If you should be moving to Columbia, SC consider looking at domiciles in a neighborhood with a residential district swimming pool. The pool dues are typically compensated with your homeowners relationship costs. If while searching for a property the thing is a home with a personal in-ground pool that one can pay for, purchase it. The house worth does not increase with a pool so that you are buying a property and getting a pool free of charge. The average price for installing an in-ground pool is $ 15,000 for a pool with vinyl lining.
Lake Murray is an excellent summer time escape. Lake Murray is 50,000 acres large and has depths around 200 legs. The shoreline of Lake Murray is much more than 500 kilometers. Which 500 kilometers of enjoyable. Residents of Columbia, Lexington, and Irmo all enjoy summertime activity at Lake Murray. On a time one can see skiing ships, pontoon boats, revolution runners and sail boats in the pond. If you can afford property on Lake Murray, you should purchase one. The worthiness of Lake Murray property is increasing (they may not be making more of it).
We wear quick pants all year round. I’m sure it appears crazy in the South we wear brief jeans year round. We wear them with fit coats be effective. We wear them with sweaters inside Winter. We dress all of them up with pumps or dress them straight down with flats. If you don’t have quick jeans, you can purchase all of them when you get here!
If you are considering a relocate to Columbia, SC embrace the change. Dispose off your old snow shoes and fall and put in some sandals. I will be waiting for you in the pool.

Tonya D Graves is a Columbia SC Realtor which specializes in buyers moving to Columbia, Lake Murray, Irmo, and Lexington South Carolina. To view all virginia homes in Columbia SC be sure to visit http://www.ColumbiaSCRealEstateSales.com

All About Brevard North Carolina Real Estate

All About Brevard North Carolina Real Estate

Brevard North Carolina is located in the southwest part of the state, and is known as the doorway to the Pisgah National Forest. At the last census, the population was nearing 7000. While it is a small town by anyone’s standards, that doesn’t mean that Brevard doesn’t have plenty to offer to visitors, retirees, real estate investors and just about anyone else who is interested in living closer to nature or who would enjoy a small town lifestyle.


The Brevard area was first settled by Scottish and Irish immigrants in the early 19th century. The earliest settlers were attracted by the lush natural resources of the area. The town of Brevard did not pop up until the mid 19th century.

Business & Jobs

Tourism is, of course, one of the biggest employers in the area, but the area also offers jobs in many industries related to natural resources, such as forestry and timber.

Arts & Culture

In Brevard, you are located just a scenic drive from some of the state’s best and most popular attractions, including the famous Biltmore Estate, Chimney Rock Park and Grandfather Mountain. In addition, the area boasts a wide variety of festivals, special events and celebrations including Main Street Alive, the White Squirrel Festival, the Annual Squirrel Box Derby, Fourth of July Celebration, Halloweenfest, Old Time Music Competition and the Twilight Tour.

Natural Beauty

One of the many things that make real estate in Brevard NC so desirable is that the surrounding area is rich in natural beauty. The town has been nicknamed the “City of Waterfalls”, due to the amazing amount of waterfalls in the area. Not only waterfalls, but mountains, woods, streams and wonderful recreational and hiking trails are bountiful. The county of Transylvania, which is where Brevard is located, is home to over 250 waterfalls. Waterfalls offer a great reason to hit the hiking trails and are even better for photo opportunities. The stunning natural beauty of the area has boosted the values of Brevard North Carolina homes and surely contributed to an increase in realtors in Brevard NC.


Due to the location of the town, Brevard abounds with recreational opportunities including fishing, hiking, kayaking, cycling, tubing, golfing, canoeing, horseback riding and cross country skiing. Other recreational attractions located close to Brevard include the Dupont State Forest, Bracken Mountain Nature Reserve and Gorges State Park.

Real Estate in Brevard

There’s a wide range of houses for sale in Brevard, as well as land for sale. Any of the many knowledgeable realtors can help you with searching for a home in Brevard and be of great help during the relocation process.

Land For Sale in Brevard

Land in Brevard is prized for its investment possibilities. High yearly rainfall ensures that water quality remains the highest in the entire state. The vast forests offer tremendous value to real estate investors and new residents alike, with trees, views and a large amount of water to support rivers, streams, creeks and lakes. Rich soil is also one of the many advantages of Brevard real estate and land.

Brevard Homes For Sale

From condos and villas to an abundant amount of homes with mountain views, on lakes, with ponds and even properties with streams and their own waterfalls, your only problem searching for a home in Brevard is deciding exactly what you want.

For more information about Brevard NC real estate, visit http://www.prudentiallifestylerealty.com

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North Carolina Beach Vacations – The Outer Banks

North Carolina Beach Vacations – The Outer Banks

The Outer Banks is one of the more popular of all the state’s coastal communities.  Because it’s a barrier island, the landscape is completely different from one part of the island to the next. From the pristine waters of the Atlantic to the more salty waters of the sounds – if you are headed down to the Outer Banks, you’ll find a variety of choices. There are roughly fourteen villages on the shore that make up the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Corolla: This small town is known for it’s wild ponies that playfully patrol the shores. They are descendants of Spanish Mustangs and  for years they were allowed to roam free along the beaches. Preservationists have since sanctioned them to one part of the island This makes for wonderful pictures and experiences for all who come. Corolla has a rich history, and remains a popular stop for visitors to the North Carolina beaches.

Kitty Hawk: Most widely known for the Wright brothers historic flight, Kitty Hawk boasts wide beaches, plenty of wildlife and vegatation. This is the perfect beach for a family weekend getaway, particularly if your family enjoys hiking, bike riding and bird watching.

Hatteras: Often referred to as a fishing mecca – Hatteras beach is of course located on the Outer Bank’s Hatteras Island. Hatteras is like a heaven for sport fishermen as part of the area around the sound is where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Gulf Stream. You can fish for mahi-mahi, King Mackerel, Tuna and even Blue and White Marlin. You can take a ferry tour around the Graveyard of the Atlantic museum, catch a glimpse of a a school of dolphin – or just relax along the shores.

There’s plenty of lodging available in the OBX area, including inns, lodges, bed & breakfast’s and motels. However the most popular choice for visitors to the Outer Banks are the vacation rentals. Because the Outer Banks is such a popular destination for travelers, it’s common for families to join together to rent homes for weeks at a time. The Outer Beaches Realty company is one of the premiere vacation rental companies in the area. Outer Beaches manages more than 500 homes ranging from 1 bedroom condos to 9 bedroom luxury resort homes.

Whether you’re staying in the Outer Banks for just a few days, or a few weeks – they can handle your needs.

Bella is the author of several lifestyle and travel blogs including http://www.generationytravel.com and http://www.beachesandbikinis.com.